5 Ways To Stay On Track When You're Lacking Motivation

ProFi Fitness School, Publication date: 17-03-2020

1. Remember Your Purpose. 

Remember why you're doing what you're doing. What is the end result going to be if you follow through? Visualising the end result will help to boost that motivation!

2. Reward Yourself For Each Small Win

Create a reward system which recognises each milestone you reach as you get closer to your goal. Celebrating each one will help you to look forward to the next one.

3. Start Small

Have you ever tried to imagine reaching the end of a seemingly monumental task and found it almost impossible to begin? Instead, forget about the task as a whole - start with something small and build up to it. Begin and improve.

4. Rework Your Routine

Did you ever notice that the every day mundane tasks require little motivation? This is because your routine quickly becomes the ordinary. Adding a little something extra to your routine which will help you to achieve your goal without requiring extra motivation.

5. Be Accountable

Enroll a buddy in trying something new. Join a group which aligns with your goals. Tell people what you are doing. People have a bigger fear of failure when their goals are made public. Accountability and fear of failure goes a long way in helping you face your fear and go for what you really want.