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Has your business discovered the importance of employee training?

Having a trained workforce means your employees are learning new skills that can improve service, reduce mistakes, safe time and money, build confidence in your staff, and create a better working environment. An investment in your employees' skill sets is an investment in your company. The quality of their work and performance is higher and of more value. When everyone gets better, everyone fells better.


Use ProFi Staff Training to grow your business while increasing employee training effectiveness




Why is ProFi-Fitness® your best option?

ProFi Fitness for Businesses was set up to meet the skills gap within the fitness and welness industry, to develop capable, confident life-long learners who contribute to their community and succed in improving their performance with the clients.

ProFi Fitness Staff Training was formulated to offer comprehensive, dedicated professional staff courses and ensure that top quality programs are delivered to our clients. Through our commitments, high standard of customer service we are easy to work with and making sure your staff training is a success.

ProFi Fitness In-Company Training permits you to have the content and structure of the training customised to your organisation’s specific needs. The inherent flexibility of staff training allows you to determine the duration of the training, its content, delivery format, dates and location. We can adapt and deliver exclusively all of our existing courses and others which are not included in our offer.


ProFi Fitness School is the only instructor training school in Ireland, to provide courses in the new and extremely popular, myover40® program. Providing Mobility, Flexibility and Stability Training with Pain Management Techniques. See our short courses tab for more info.


What Does It Mean FOR YOU???

  • Standalone certification for every course
  • Your location & your schedule
  • Quality colour printed materials + goodie bags for everyone
  • We guarantee immediate effectiveness, stable cooperation and follow-up support
  • We provide you with the blueprint of our proven customer management and retention system
  • First to introduce new and up to date world class courses to the Irish market  *see myover40® on the short courses tab for the latest addition to our training options.



  • Authors, course developers, university collaborators and lecturers
  • World class experts in their fields, have many years of professional and teaching experience
  • At the forefront of the industry through continuous development
  • Fitness culture is developed worldwide and our international team brings the best of the world to Ireland



Our mission is to become leading global platform for professional fitness staff training in order to empower every sport & fitness club, leisure centre, health club, welness centre, business and employee to reach their full potential.

PreparationWe recruit the best-prepared teachers to deliver the best-prepared courses.

RespectWe respect diversity and shun exclusivity. We respect each other and we respect our students.

OneTo us our clients are number one! We strive to understand their needs, we make promises, and we keep them.

FunWe have fun doing what we love and by doing so we inspire our students.

InnovationWe constantly adapt to the ever evolving and complex health & fitness industry and we deliver our courses in the most innovative way.


Develop your STAFF, Grow your company


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