Dominika Wojciechowska



ProFi Fitness School Teacher

Dominika is highly-skilled Sports Coach specialising in Gymnastics & Sport Acro. She thrives from latest research in field and loves providing motivation to her clients. In 2004 after finishing her master degree in Physical Education she moved to Ireland and now is proud to be a part of an amazing local community. For many years she was a part of Polish National Sport Acrobatics team representing Poland in European Championships and World Cup. Dominika has been working as a fitness instructor in Newry Leisure Centre for over 16 years. That’s where she specialized in Group Exercise Classes; PilatesYoga TrapezeGravity Yoga, Advanced StretchingHealthy SpineActive Seniors as well as Exercises for Mental Health. She loves working with specialised classes as well as general public. Currently Dominika works with special needs, youth, adults and older population groups. She takes great pride in her “Over 50's” programme that she started back in 2006. Class attendance exceeds all expectations by gathering 60-80 people on each session. Last year she was nominated for the “Irish Fitness Industry Awards” in two categories - the Best Pilates Class and Best Fitness Programme. She made into top 10! During first lockdown she opened her fitness studio " MeTime Studio”. She is dedicated Fitness Instructor with extensive experience. Her classes are oozing fun and amazing energy. Dominika’s main goal is to ensure that every single client achieve their fitness goals through motivational training, engaging classes and ongoing support for continued positive results. One thing that she really treasure is knowledge, in her mind you can never have enough of it! Challenge is challenge for a reason. She doesn’t give up lightly.  Her motto: BE YOUR BEST VERSION

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