Edyta Bartejczuk-Wolak



ProFi Fitness School Teacher

My name is Edyta Bartejczuk. I have graduated from the University of Szczecin with the Master's degree in Economics majoring in Marketing and Management. My biggest passion is fitness. I'm a fitness instructor and I specialise in various aerobics forms (step, aerobics, TBC).I also specialise in classes focussed on light and heavy weights. I'm also a master trainer of RIP 60 course ( TRX training).My school cooperates extensively with Expert Leisure. I also have great interest in various gymnastics forms, especially those which focus on the use of the body.

I am a great advocate for a healthy living and I always try to look for new fitness activities to further incorporate them in the school's programs. Aside from training and teaching future  fitness instructors and personal trainers at ProFi Fitness, I regularly participate in different types of courses, both fitness and business. I like gaining new skills and broadening my knowledge of the industry.

Why ProFi Fitness School Ltd?

I'm the owner of ProFi and my ambition is to build the best and the most professional fitness school in Ireland. I'd like to work with the best instructors who will share my passion and vision. I invest in people as my success is linked to theirs.

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