Your MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY Day, 25th of April 2020, Dublin


This day will motivate you to take care of your health no matter what age!

An event you have never seen before, coming to a place near you. It does not matter whether you are 20, 40 or 60 years old – this event is designed ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

This day has been organized for everyone who wants to find out more about how to improve their FITNESS, MOBILITY & FLEXIBILITY. All are extremely important and essential in order to maintain physical mobility for the rest of your life as they all begin to slowly deteriorate with age.

If you care about being able to walk up the stairs in your old age or be able to play with your grandchildren or simply just live your BEST life – have a look at what we have prepared for you.

Myover40® is a programme prepared especially for people who would like to have a nice, fit body without any pain or movement limitations. It is dedicated to people over 40 years old, regardless the gender, occupation, height or weight. Our aim is to help you OVERCOME THE FEAR of training, REDUCE PAIN, stimulate the body and RELAX THE MIND.

This programme also proves that the JOY OF LIFE, being fit and FEELING GOOD about oneself is possible at any age for absolutely everyone. This is all achievable through an appropriate physical activity.

The Myover40® programme is a set of comprehensive and SIMPLE EXERCISES, designed and developed with the help of physiotherapists, masseurs, personal trainers and Yoga and Pilates instructors.

These exercises use the natural mechanisms of the body in order to shape good posture, improve movement in the joints but also reduce back, shoulder and knee pain. Additionally, they provide the feeling of relaxation from the early hours of the morning to late at night. The programme also combines the best values from other fields such as massage, acupressure, physiotherapy, strengthening, Yoga, Pilates, stretching and relaxation.


“Healthy, fit, and happy after 40”


We develop the Myover40® programme based on the knowledge and experience of many specialists. All these specialists including physiotherapists, masseurs, personal trainers, Yoga and Pilates instructors work closely together to continuously improve and advance the programme. As a result, the best and most effective exercise programme has been created for people over 40 years of age.

On this day we want to actively introduce exercises that affect the maintenance of good physical fitness. All classes will be taught by Myover40® Master Trainers.

We have prepared not only training sessions but also discussion forums where you can talk to our Master trainers. We will also discuss many interesting health-related topics during short 20-minute seminars.



Who is this day for?

  • For members of any fitness clubs, as well as those who prefer to stay at home or are only beginning to start their journey with fitness – we can guarantee everyone will have fun on the day of the event,
  • For personal trainers, who would like to add to their existing skill set and find out more about mobility and flexibility exercises, as well as appropriate exercises for older people,
  • For managers, who are looking to expand their gym’s class timetables for older people, as well as young people who have problems with mobility and flexibility,
  • For people, who would like to become personal trainers or Master Trainers of the Myover40® programme.


We are optimistic about the future. We rely on our knowledge and experience as well as knowledge of customer needs. We are dedicated to become a leader in training and a healthy lifestyle for people over 40.



You will get the opportunity to train with Master Trainers during 5 training lesson sessions. Each session (or lesson) will help to improve the mobility and flexibility in different parts of the body. This will be accompanied by beautiful instrumental music.



  • You will work on your mobility and flexibility in a safe and pleasant way while listening to relaxing music
  • You will perform comprehensive and functional exercises that you will definitely manage – even as a beginner
  • You will feel much better and notice a greater range of motion
  • You will relax any tense muscles, still joints, but also strengthen those important body parts
  • You will improve your body posture
  • You will take care of your body so that it is fit and without any pain


This programme is divided into 3 parts – different from any of the standards adopted so far:

  1. Part One:

You will take care of the movements in the joints & proprioception (12 mins in each class)

  1. Part Two:

SMR (self-myofascial release) – you will take part in auto release (18 mins in each class)

  1. Part Three:

The proper part – Through 1-5 sequences you will take care of the mobilization of any particular joint and stretch the muscles responsible for the work of this joint (5 mins for each part; in each class we will present 5 parts)


All participants are also invited to participate in ALL of our discussion forums and seminars.













Lesson no 1



Dorota Rozko

Talk Topic: 

Are Your Joints Still Human?


Talk Description:

The way we move has been changing a lot due to civilisation & urbanisation...we simply move less. Our bodies get better at whatever we do or not do. Therefore, often our joints don’t move as human joints were created to anymore. In this short practical session we will check whether your joints are still moving as human joints should and whether you have the ranges required for some of the popular exercises so that you can stay injury-free and enjoy healthy movement till the advanced years.



Lesson no 2



Sara Hearne

Talk Topic:

Overcoming Psychological Barriers to Fitness


Talk Description:

Exercise is challenging, especially if you are new to it, have certain built up perceptions and are unsure of how to manage expectations.

Social Media can create pressures to look a certain way. There are often falsified or edited images, that create this "perfect you" ideal. Making it near impossible to the average person to compete or even keep up! Let's change the internal dialogue to help you reach your potential! Change the focus from external to internal and reap the rewards!



Lesson no 3



Lunch + Discussion



Karolina Gieron

Talk Topic:

Is being VEGGIE as healthy as they say?


Talk Description:

During this short talk you will get to learn more about the veggie diet and… if in fact, it is suitable for everyone. Are you getting enough protein and what are the major differences you need to consider before switching to veganism? 



Lesson no 4






Lesson no 5





 BECOME MASTER TRAINER of Mobility & Flexibility® is a course aimed at Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors and Pilates, and Yoga Instructors as well as Physiotherapists.


A whole day of training and talks about health, correctness of exercising and ways to maintain fitness and well-being.

Book your place today! Save money by booking your participation in advance.

Take advantage of the amazing early bird offers:

Until February 29th€30
From March 1st to March 31st€45
From April 1st to April 24th€60
On the day of the event April 25th€80

Do not delay your decision - places are limited!



St. Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh GAA Club (Clubhouse and Martin Savage Park)
74 Glenarriff Rd, Ashtown, Dublin


Paulina Kondracka
(+353) 083 078 4291

Sara Hearne (Regional Director and Master Trainer)
(+353) 083 188 3676