Siobhan Hennelly


ProFi Fitness School Teacher

Siobhán qualified as a primary school teacher in 2009. While working abroad, she was inspired by the Australian fitness culture and qualified as a Personal Trainer. She noticed quickly that women especially struggled to lose weight and control hormonal issues. She knew that a big part of it was due to the food they were eating and that there was a world of conflicting advice out there. On returning to Ireland, she began a 3-year course in Nutritional Therapy. Siobhán discovered the ‘healthy’ food she had been eating all her life was, in fact, causing inflammation and fatigue. Through changes in nutrition and lifestyle, she took back control of her body.

Siobhán became interested in fertility during her first pregnancy in 2015. Following a conversation with her doctor about the difficulties some couples have when trying to conceive she began researching the topic further. She found that many of the causes of infertility can be reversed with nutrition and lifestyle changes and these adjustments could really change people’s lives. Her main goal is to share this information with others and help them achieve the healthy family they have always dreamed of.

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