Marcin Konkel



ProFi Fitness School Teacher

Nutrition Teacher


-Personal Trainer
-Nutrition Advisor 
-Dietitian ( WSNS college in Poland ) 
-Competition prep coach 
-Strength and conditioning coach 
I have started my adventure with fitness world when I was very young .  I have been training for many years but in 2010 opened No Pain No Gain Nutrition ltd which at this stage has its own franchise and distribution line . 
I have been always driving in business towards new goals and wanted to improve my skills . Thats why I have finished Profi Fitness school and then after getting base which helped me develop I went to college in Poland finishing it with distinction . At this moment I am one of the teachers in Profi as well I have started prepping people to competition not only bikini but as well MMA fighters Kickboxers and many more athletes from different backgrounds and areas of sport .
The key is knowledge and I always drive for it trying to find answers on questions which I cant answer and in my believe been nutritionist you have to learn everyday .
I have been working with many people but SUPPLEMENTS AND NUTRITION is my biggest passion in life.

Teacher courses

Continuing Professional Development without Music
Continuing Professional Development Theory