Emma Bowden



ProFi Fitness School Teacher


Emma Bowden is a highly qualified Exercise Professional with a Degree in Exercise & Health Studies, Advanced training with EHFA and numerous other diplomas and certifications in lecturing, fitness classes, nutrition, exercise medicine and bodybuilding.

12 years of experience within the industry shows her passion for all things health and fitness. Emma loves how this industry is always changing, there's always something to learn it never gets boring.

Emma has taken part in many sports at a competitive level, adventures races just for fun and is a bikini athlete.

She is the owner of Efitness a private Personal training Studio in which she loves having the opportunity to help people achieve their goals and seeing people transform not just physically but mentally. Exercise is of great value for building confidence, mental health and emotional well being in Emma's opinion.

Teacher courses

Continuing Professional Development Theory
Continuing Professional Development without Music