Daniel Maher



ProFi Fitness School Teacher

Daniel's passion for health and fitness started from the age of 16 when he was encouraged by his highschool P.E. teacher to join the local athletics team. "I was never the biggest or strongest kid growing up but I always remember being faster than all the other kids in my school, even those years older than me." Daniel went on to compete, winning gold in both the Munster and All-Ireland championships and was awarded a sports scholarship. It was through the scholarship that he found his love for weight training and nutrition. "I was always fascinated by the strong, lean physiques that professional sprinters had. I noticed my physique, performance and in turn, my self confidence rapidly improved as my knowledge in nutrition and weight training grew. I wanted to help other people enjoy those same benefits."  
Daniel went on to study Sports Strength and Conditioning and has been working in the fitness industry for over 9 years. Today, he runs his own Private, Personal Training studio and his passion for helping others improve their health, fitness and self confidence is stronger than ever. "I absolutely love my job. I have the complete freedom to work my own schedule and the feeling you get from helping other people achieve their goals is priceless. I would recommend anyone that wants to live a life of passion and purpose to consider personal training as a career."

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