Summer 2018

Have you thought about the summer yet? You can spend this time relaxing or else avail of our great summer offer.

In 12 days during the summer months of June / July / August, you can become a certified gym instructor and a Personal trainer.

The courses take place at weekends and are run in 4 locations in Ireland:







Our summer courses are accredited by Europe Active (EREPs)  and REPs Ireland. After completing the courses you will have the opportunity to work not only in Ireland but also in all of Europe and other member countries of ICREPs. Our special summer offer also includes short CPD courses for those who already hold training qualifications.




  • PFS Anatomy Advanced / Sports Injuries - extrinsic & intrinsic risk factors for trainers who want to refresh the knowledge of Anatomy and to learn about most common injuries of their clients.
  • PFS Functional & Suspension Training - for trainers who want to introduce a customized workout for their clients, with the use of bodyweight as well as suspended equipment (TRX, RIP60) which will enable clients to reach their goals.
  • PFS Postural Assessment and Alignment Correction / Core Stability - an indispensable program for personal trainers who want to respond to the needs of their clients. Properly conducted assessment will allow determining an appropriate type of training program for clients.
  • PFS Foam Roller & Flexibility and Mobility - is a program for trainers who have a lot of clients who want to improve their flexibility and also for trainers who want to start using foams rollers to work with their clients. A foam roller is a piece of equipment that can be used during a warm-up and cool down as well as during a rest day.
  • PFS Cardio & Agility and Plyometrics - an indispensable program for those who want to improve endurance, agility and movement technique of their clients.  It is also beneficial for those who train their clients for endurance sports.
  • PFS Basic Programs For Gym Instructors - maybe you want to refresh your knowledge of how to build programs for beginners or for those returning to training after a long break? Or perhaps you are just starting your career as a Personal Trainer ... this course is just for you!
  • PFS Advance programs for Personal Trainer - another level of learning of how to write advanced training programs and how to break them into training cycles. It’s indispensable for those who work with experienced and demanding clients.

We encourage you to have a look at these courses. All dates can be found in specific courses description.

Don’t miss out – summer of 2018 can be yours!