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See exam description for certification requirements.

myover40® - the missing piece in comprehensive fitness programming and Pain-free Movement! 

Pre-designed class plans for the development of Mobility/Flexibility/Stability and Pain Management accessible on qualification. 

Learn how to compliment and improve every type of fitness training.

During this course, students will learn how to make their training programs most effective, by incorporating elements of mobility, stability, and flexibility training. You will also learn how to treat restricted and painful movement with trigger point therapy.

When it comes to body movement patterns, our joints have varying needs for mobility, stability, and flexibility. To achieve the best possible results, a fitness/health professional should seek to incorporate these elements into all clients' training programs.

Alternatively, professionals can use the myover40® program in addition to their current treatments/programs to gain better results.

The myover40® program is a ready-made toolkit for therapists and instructors, to give their clients access to unrestricted, pain-free movement patterns.

In a simple comprehensive 60-minute class your client can improve health, movement, ability, and longevity. 

Expand your client base by adding this course to your repertoire. 

  • Improve the potential strength, endurance, and function of your team/client.
  • Help clients rehabilitate from muscle injuries and strains
  •  Improve coordination and balance
  • Improve Neuromuscular control and Proprioceptive responses 
  • Reduce injury occurrences of clients/team members.
  •  Improve cognitive function and overall health
  •  Improve Longevity


***See CERTIFICATION for details on post-qualification support available!

This course is intended for:

Fitness Professionals

Personal Trainers

Yoga/Pilates Instructors

Sports Coaches

Athletes and Sportspeople

Rehabilitation Professionals

Active Ageing Groups

Anyone interested in personal fitness, pain-free movement, and body balance


 Sara Hearne
 (+353) 83 188 3676

 Participants in myover40® training must be a minimum of 18 years of age with basic fitness qualifications. 

PFS Mobility & Flexibility is an alternative pathway for entry to this course.

What you need to bring with you:

  •  Bottle of water
  •  A change of clothes
  •  Sports/gym gear
  •  myover40 mobility ball 
  •  Towel
  •  Notepad

 Sara Hearne
 (+353) 83 188 3676

 10am - 4pm

6 hours duration.


**SELF-STUDY - 16 hours 

Anatomy & Physiology with extension into what changes occur within systems over time (Booklet provided)


FACE TO FACE course – 6.5 hours (including break)


 Course Content:

Ageing statistics 

myover40® Program Mission and Vision    

Anatomy & Physiology with a focus on the changes that occur in the given systems over the years.  

Proprioception & Kinesthesia

Mobility and Flexibility

Common ailments and mobility limitations 

Fascia - function, symptoms of fascial disorders 

Fascial Training

Neural Gliding

Trigger point/ SMR; AUTOMASSAGE 

Patented myover40 training concepts

Body positioning in strengthening and static stretching 

 Sara Hearne
 (+353) 83 188 3676


To receive qualification for myover40®

Step 1: Theory Exam

Step 2: On passing the theory exam students will receive Training 1 of the myover40 program to practice and review.

Step 3: After approx 4 weeks students will contact Master Trainer to arrange a suitable time for consultation. During which time the students may ask questions and get assistance where needed to succeed in myover40 teaching.

Step 4: After consultation students will be sent by post and electronic method their myover40® Instructor Certification.

After step 4, qualified instructors may apply for access to further Trainings at an investment of €9.99 per month (12 pieces of training) or a 1-time payment of €99



myover40 - knowledge and experience of many specialists combined in one innovative training

How do I become an accredited instructor in the myover40 international training program?

  1. complete the myover40 course

- you will learn about an innovative and effective exercise program for people over 40

  1. register 

- you will join the group of international trainers free of charge on the platform

  1. now your theory exam

- this way you will confirm your knowledge and qualifications

  1. Attend consultation

- you will receive free care from our Master Trainers and you will benefit from their knowledge and experience

  1. Collect your diploma

- you will complete the training with an international certificate and receive myover40 Instructor accreditation

Have you completed the course and want to work as a myover40 Instructor?

myover40 - gives the opportunity to conduct group and individual training, developed in 12 lessons, with a detailed description of the lesson and appropriately selected music for the class

  1. make the payment

- you will receive annual access to 12 myover40 training lessons with a script/description of exercises included in the lesson as well as video recording and music for the classes

  1. conduct classes 

- you have access to all language versions of the lessons and you can conduct your classes anywhere in the world

  1. download our advertising materials for free

- you can use ready-made marketing tools developed by myover40 specialists 

  1. forget about license fees!

- your only cost is the fee for accessing 12 lessons


Want to take it further than myover40 instructor? Become one of our Master Trainers!

How to get a Master Trainer license for the myover40 training program?

  1. complete 12 lessons

- a prerequisite is that you have worked through all 12 myover40 lessons

  1. complete the Master Trainer course

- you will learn the methodology of teaching and checking the competences of other myover40 Instructors

  1. now an exam

- you will confirm your qualifications to work with Instructors

  1. collect your Master Trainer license

- you can renew it every year for free with myover40 training and courses

  1. work as a Master Trainer

- thanks to the myover40 system you do not pay any license fees, and your only cost is the commission for each instructor you train

  1. be part of the myover40 team

- create a group of unique myover40 Master Trainers with us, we always stay in touch, support each other and share experiences. You can always count on us and our help


How to become a business partner of the myover40 training program?

  1. one country, one business partner

- we guarantee the exclusivity of operation in a given area / country

  1. learn about myover40

- complete the myover40 course to understand the concept of our training program and learn about how our company works

  1. sign a franchise agreement

- we will adjust it individually for you, taking into account the specifics of the area of operation, possibilities and direction of development 

  1. use the support

- you have the opportunity to work with myover40 Instructors and Master Trainers in your area of operation and you have access to all myover40 marketing materials 

  1. manage your own business

- as a business partner, you have the right to conduct training for fitness clubs and sell myover40 equipment in your area of operation. Your profit depends on your commitment and is entirely yours.


 Sara Hearne
 (+353) 83 188 3676


 Upon the completion of the course and successful passing of the exam (see exam tab for full details); you will be entitled to use the title:  myover40® Instructor

This is the only course of its kind in Ireland!

On qualifying, myover40® Instructors will receive:

  • myover40® Logos, banners, and pictures for use on Medias/E-mails, etc

  • High-quality marketing paperwork/advertising with myover40® branding.

  • Training in marketing to help grow your client base (during the course)

  • Access to our online platform where your profile will be accessible and shareable, also to help grow your client base.

  • Access to and discount for, our online shop for class equipment.

  • Support from myover40® staff in promoting and presenting your classes.

Use of the platform will also give the qualified instructor access to :

  • Pre-recorded class videos with audio descriptions of exercises

  • Choreographies of each class
  • Class Scripts
  • Music Downloads are specially selected for each class.
  • Every 4 weeks a new pre-designed class will be made available for Instructors
  • ** No Planning required, we take all the extra work out of class programming and planning! **


*NB* A monthly investment of 9.99 is applicable for permissions and access

Completion of the course, qualification, and permission to teach this course, is confirmed by the myover40® Instructor certificate.

The certificate can be downloaded online directly from your own profile at, which you, the instructor,  will set upon completion of the requirements stated. 

 Sara Hearne
 (+353) 83 188 3676

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