PFS Indoor Cycling Instructor® Staff Training

PFS Indoor Cycling Instructor®
Staff Training
1 Day Course




Indoor Cycling remains one of the absolute top classes run in any fitness club and is extremely sought after!


How did it all begin?

In 1991, cyclist and entrepreneur John Baudhuin and South African ultra-distance cyclist Johnny "Johnny G" Goldberg introduced the world to Indoor Cycling. Working out of a garage in Santa Monica, California, they created Spinning® by uniting indoor stationary bike technology with unprecedented cycling experience.

An average 45-minute indoor cycling class will allow you to burn between 400-600 calories. At the same time, it will increase the endurance capacity of the leg musclesquadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus, and even the calf muscles. Working out these muscles will also help to strengthen the surrounding bones, tendons and ligaments. All this is done with minimal risk of injury. When done correctly that is, there is minimal impact on the hip, knee and ankle joints while cycling.


This course is designed to provide fitness professionals with the safe and effective techniques of indoor cycling done right. We will teach you how to deliver a great Indoor Cycling class with the use of catchy music!A must have on your CV!


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Course contents

Qualification outcome

  • Bicycle elements

  • Pedaling Techniques

  • Musicality

  • Music in Cycling Classes

  • Bicycle setting and proper exploitation

  • Indoor Cycling class types and objectives

  • Indoor Cycle exercises and combinations

  • Visualisation

  • Instructional Skills

  • Stretching

  • Health & Safety

  • Participants take part in practical exercises at four levels of difficulty

  • Identify the correct set-up and posture and identify the health and safety issues which are involved when using the equipment in its environment

  • Use correct techniques and exercises in the warm-up, aerobic segment and cool down

  • Use music in an Indoor Cycling session

  • Use correct breathing technique

  • Teach cycling techniques, cycling profiles and drills

  • Plan, structure and deliver a class

  • Employ cycle-specific teaching skills

  • Know how to motivate participants

  • Identify how music enhances the experience

  • Use group teaching skills

  • Respond to health and safety issues

  • Deliver classes as part of working full-time or part-time within a leisure centre or health club

  • Deliver a number of classes per week in various locations as a freelancer


Applicants should have a keen interest in Indoor or Outdoor Cycling and a reasonable level of cardiovascular fitness is recommended. Although not required, we encourage taking part in Indoor Cycling classes prior to joining the course.

There are no previous qualifications required however a reasonable level of fitness and exposure to the industry are recommended.



  •  A change of clothes
  •  Bottle of water
  •  Sports/gym gear
  •  Please have a few songs out of your favourite playlist ready. You will be using this to practice your own short choreography for the day.
  •  Your own music device + headphones (i.e. ipad, phone, etc.)
  •  Cycling shoes and HR monitor recommended but not mandatory
  •  Lunch and snacks
  •  Towel
  •  Notepad

Course hours that require 100% attendance: 6.5 hours held on one day 

Additional self-study hours: 5 - 8 hours* the time burden can vary depending on individual ability and dedication.

To receive certification there will be a Multiple Choice Question exam.

There will be 12 questions, the students must answer a minimum of 9 correctly to score 75% or higher in order to pass the exam.


Upon the completion of the course and successful passing of the exam; you will receive certificate.

Certificates obtained: PFS Indoor Cycling



All our courses are accredited and recognised worldwide.

All PFS qualifications meet industry standards that have been developed and published by the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA).

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