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Become a versatile and effective instructor and learn how to approach obesity during your classes.


Our modern way of living has largely eliminated physical activity as one of the fundamental stimuli from our lives. The growth of non-communicable lifestyle diseases and the epidemic increase in obesity provide clear evidence of this imbalance between our lifestyles and our physical requirements. Physical inactivity has become a major risk factor for chronic non-communicable diseases in populations. In fact, opportunities to be physically active tend to decrease as we become adults and recent lifestyle changes have reinforced this phenomenon (EU PA Guidelines, 2008). 


The course is designed to teach you how to prepare classes for obese people, what types of exercise are doable and recommended for them and which should not be attempted because of the risk of injury. After the course you will know how to work with obese people in safe and effective way.


You will learn an individualized approach and how to assess and motivate overweight and obese clients to an active and healthy lifestyle. 



Course Outcome

You will be able to :

1. Analyse and implement an exercise management programme for this metabolic
2. Employ exercise protocols within the realm of personal training for overweight
and obesity
3. Examine and integrate physicians’ recommendations into the personal training
exercise programme for overweight and obese clients.
4. Educate the overweight and obese participant on the response of the body to exercise, during and after exercise
5. Identify safe, effective, and targeted prehabilitation exercises for this special
6. Recognize and respond to emergency situations
7. Receive referrals from and refer clients to other healthcare providers as appropriate
8. Promote an active and healthy lifestyle as a major preventive and life long process in order to affect positively and inspire optimally these clients.

All trainers will require both basic core knowledge and specific knowledge related to the context in which they work and there are specific prerequisites before starting the EQF 5 qualification:

  1. All trainers must hold an EQF level 4 in Personal Training or equivalent EHFA accredited certification in Personal Training.

Course hours that require 100% attendance: 8 hours held on one weekend day 

Additional self-study hours: Not applicable

Examination hours: Not applicable

No examination

Occupational Title

PFS Weight Management Exercise Specialist® NQF level 3 | EQF Level 3


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