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PFS Mobility & Flexibility®
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PFS Mobility & Flexibility®

Mobility & Flexibility comprises of two components: theory and practical. In Part 1 of the course, the theory component is delivered through pre-recorded online content. Part 2 focuses on the practical aspect, which can be experienced either through live online sessions or in-person at the gym.

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PFS Mobility & Flexibility

Who is this course for?

PFS Mobility & Flexibility is aimed at Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors, Pilates, and Yoga Instructors as well as Physiotherapists, Movement Specialists, Massage Therapists Body Workers. 

 It was once believed that stretching increased ROM by permanently changing the structure of the muscles and tissues. Now we know that flexibility improvement IS NOT a result of structural changes but the increase of STRETCH TOLERANCE. It is about training the nervous system to allow certain ranges of motion.

Learn about how to utilise this understanding and more with our comprehensive introduction to better movement.


As awareness of the benefits of mobility training is growing, top trainers have refocused their interest into a more balanced training regime. On the cutting edge of Fitness & Health, these elements of fitness training address areas commonly unmanaged in our everyday life or our fitness programs, leading to many issues physically.

A mobility and flexibility fitness course offers numerous benefits to individuals seeking to improve their physical well-being. By focusing specifically on enhancing mobility and flexibility, this type of course targets crucial aspects of overall fitness.

One key benefit of participating in a mobility and flexibility fitness course is the improvement in range of motion. As our bodies age or experience sedentary lifestyles, our muscles can become tight and stiff, limiting our ability to move freely. These courses aim to combat these limitations by incorporating exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles, allowing for increased flexibility and ease of movement.

Furthermore, enhanced mobility can significantly contribute to injury prevention. By increasing joint mobility and muscle flexibility, participants can enjoy better body awareness and alignment during physical activities. This reduces the risk of strains, sprains, or other injuries commonly associated with restricted movement.

Additionally, participating in a mobility and flexibility fitness course can lead to improved posture. Strained or tight muscles can often lead to poor posture habits over time. Through targeted exercises aimed at correcting muscular imbalances and promoting proper alignment, participants may experience improved posture both during exercise sessions and throughout their everyday lives.

Finally, cultivating greater flexibility not only benefits physical health but also facilitates mental well-being. Engaging in regular stretching activities releases muscle tension while promoting relaxation. This practice can help alleviate stress levels and provide a calming effect on the mind.

In summary, enrolling in a mobility and flexibility fitness course offers numerous advantages including increased range of motion, injury prevention, improved posture, as well as mental relaxation. By prioritizing these aspects of physical fitness through targeted exercises designed for enhanced mobility and flexibility training individuals can boost their overall well-being.


This course is open to anyone who wants to improve their teaching skills and general knowledge in the field, to improve their knowledge base and expand their area of expertise.

There are no previous qualifications required however a reasonable level of fitness and exposure to the industry is recommended.


  • Your PDF manual, sent by email with course confirmation.
  • An exercise mat


  •  A change of clothes
  •  Bottle of water
  •  Sports/gym gear
  •  Towel
  •  Notepad
  • Homework

Course hours that require 100% attendance:

Part 1: Online Theory and Course Introduction

Part 2: Online Practical 

+ Additional self-study required.


Part 1: Online Module

  • Introduction to Flexibility and Mobility -

What are they?

How to improve, and:

  • Differences and interrelationship
  • Joint Actions and Movement patterns
  • Teacher to Student Demos (Student participation required)
  • Class Planning 



Part 2: Practical Module

Review of work prepared at home:

The technique of Mobility and Flexibility Exercises

Class demos - Student to Student

Advice and Assessment of Plans




 To receive certification there will be a Multiple Choice Question exam.

There will be 12 questions, the students must answer a minimum of 9 correctly to score 75% or higher in order to pass the exam. 

Upon the completion of the course and successful passing of the exam; you will receive certificate.

Certificates obtained: PFS Mobility & Flexibility 



All our courses are accredited and recognised worldwide.

All PFS qualifications meet industry standards that have been developed and published by the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA).


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