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Course + Event 25th April 2020

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MASTER Mobility & Flexibility® is a course aimed at Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors and Pilates and Yoga Instructors as well as Physiotherapists.

The programme was developed by experienced specialists within the fitness industry and it is the only training course that incorporates elements of rolling, auto massage and applying pressure to trigger points. The programme is designed to be delivered in a 35-55 minute class which is divided into 3 parts which differ from the existing standards:

  1. Body Prep

A comprehensive warm up which oxygenates blood to your muscles. Our body prep takes approximately 12 minutes and works for all major muscle and tendon groups in different axes and planes. At this stage, we use all joint movements such as Flexion and Extension | Abduction and Adduction | Circumduction | Rotation | Supination and Pronation | Dorsiflexion and Plantar Flexion | Inversion and Eversion | Protraction and Retraction.

  1. Auto-massage

The rolling and kneading locates and reduces pain in the body;

  1. Structure of 5  

Part 1: focuses on improving MOBILITY & ACTIVE ROM.

We work on a particular range of motion of a joint in a controlled manner strengthening the muscles and tissues around it (ACTIVE ROM).

Part 2: aims to improve FLEXIBILITY and stretches the structures which were worked on in part one (PASSIVE ROM).


The Mobility and Flexibility class (MyOver40® or tpmobility®) was created to help people achieve, maintain and enjoy healthy movement throughout everyday activities as well as other exercises in the form of sports, dance, etc. without any restrictions, discomfort or pain.

Unfortunately due to injuries and various imbalances many of us struggle with free and painless movement.

In the past stretching was promoted as a way to limit the risk of injury. Recent research questions this line of thinking – we now know that injury prevention is related to force absorption which stretching on its own may decrease. It doesn’t mean stretching is useless but that in order to achieve healthy ranges of motions we also need to take care of controlled articulations. 

Our modern lives limit the need of movement which our bodies were created to enjoy. Therefore, our joints lost their ability to move as human joints were designed to. 

“The body will become better at whatever you do or don’t do. You don’t move? The body will make you better at NOT moving by locking the tissues together. If you move, the body will allow you more movement .” 

We try to compensate for the lack of movement by working out through sports which often require the ranges of motion our joints no longer possess - which leads to injuries.

In order to achieve healthy joints and enjoy healthy ranges of motion, we need to take care of the two aspects MOBILITY and FLEXIBILITY.

MOBILITY is the joint’s ability to move through a certain ROM (range of motion) without restrictions and WITH CONTROL. It is that control which truly defines it and allows us to move into ACTIVE ROM. In order to improve that control, we need to train the muscles and tissues around the joint.

FLEXIBILITY  is the ability of the muscles, tissues and/or joints to move through a range of motion passively - PASSIVE ROM.

We used to believe stretching increased ROM by permanently changing the structure of the muscles and tissues. Now we know that flexibility improvement IS NOT a result of structural changes but the increase of STRETCH TOLERANCE. It is about training the nervous system to allow certain ranges of motion.




The course will be delivered by our Master trainer, Dorota Rozko.

Dorota is a lover of movement, whether it’s Yoga, dance, Pilates, kickboxing, strength training or calisthenics. She LOVES hand stands, splits, Latin and African dance, burlesque, skydiving, coconuts and vegan desserts.

Dorota has been traveling in search of inspiration and new experiences since 2006 - she lived, studied and worked in Ireland, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia and Bermuda. For the past three years she’s been living in Singapore. She conducted and continues to conduct trainings for Yoga, fitness and personal trainers.  

During her 15 years of experience as a trainer of various forms, she met with various dysfunctions that hampered her daily life and limited training progress. This resulted in the search for their sources and methods to improve the quality of life.

This is how she attended trainings such as Anatomy Trains and FRC (she is a certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist) as well as workshops with students at Ido Portal.

Mobility, flexibility and stability of the joints, which can help maintain a healthy body regardless of age, have become her next passion, which she shares through a programme co-authored by MYOVER40®.




With only around 20 spaces available - this course is available EXCLUSIVELY to our Profi current students and graduates.  

As mobility training is becoming the new best thing, top trainers are starting to recognize this course on an international scale. This is why we want to give back to everyone who has attended our courses and provide you with this amazing opportunity!

Join Dorota at our course on 26th April 2020.


This course requires a recognised, valid and current Anatomy & Physiology qualification which is accredited and mapped at EQF Level 2 | NQF level 3* such as the PFS ANATOMY BASIC. If you didn't qualify with us, a scanned copy of your certificate will be required in response to your registration confirmation email. 

*Ireland completed referencing the Irish NFQ to the EQF in 2009. 


MASTER Mobility & Flexibility® is a course aimed at Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors and Pilates and Yoga Instructors as well as Physiotherapists.

Please inform us during the registration process if you have any learning difficulties or disabilities so we can accommodate you appropriately.


  •  A change of clothes
  •  Bottle of water
  •  Sports/gym gear
  •  Lunch and snacks
  •  Towel
  •  Notepad

Course hours that require 100% attendance: 6.5 hours held on one weekend day 

Additional self-study hours: 5 - 8 hours* the time burden can vary depending on individual ability and dedication.

Below are the exam conditions:  


Students must pass an exam to obtain an instructor certificate. If you want to take the exam, sign up on the website:www.myover40.com

Exam can be taken on the day of the exam or at a later date.

Exam consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.

Theory: 16 MCQ Questions (Multiple choice questions)-Pass 75% (12 correct answers) The exam takes place online and can be taken by a student in their own time, however, within 1 month from receiving exam fee and no later than 6 months from the end of the course. The exam link allows 1 attempt only.  In case of an  exam failure, exam must be taken again.

Practical: Students will record and send a 40-minute video showing classes they teach (with their client). The teacher will explain all aspects of the exam during the course.

The video must be sent within 1 month of exam fee payment. Feedback from the teacher will be emailed to you.

Students can send 3 recordings per month.

Make sure you have received all relevant information from your teacher during the course for the practical evaluation.

The exam fee of €25 must be paid before exam. This fee is non-refundable.

The exam fee includes marketing tools available to students after the course.

Certificates obtained: MASTER TRAINER or myover40 / tpmobility instructor 

Study Mode: Theory in class or studio and Practice in the studio.

Examination: Required - Information available on the EXAM tab found above.





All our courses are accredited by REPs Ireland and recognised worldwide through ICREPs.

All PFS qualifications meet industry standards that have been developed and published by the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA).

REPs Ireland ensures that all standards used are mapped to and meet all appropriate International standards where possible, to ensure all REPs Ireland members benefit from recognition of their status from other National REPs.


  • We operate on a first come, first serve basis with no exceptions.
  • To secure your place on the course the payment should be made upon registration.
  • We allow 5 calendar days to receive payment before your place is given to another person that has paid.
  • After 5 calendar days have passed, and we haven't received any payment, you will need to register again if places are still available.
  • There is no way to prolong the 5 calendar days. Registrations are not accepted if you have already registered and the initial 5 days have not elapsed.
  • If we have received a late Early Bird payment (i.e. you registered for Early Bird but we haven't received payment within 5 calendar days) you will be liable for the Normal Price as outlined in our Terms & Conditions. No exceptions will be made.
  • If you have signed up at the Normal Price or Early Bird price and we haven't received the full amount from you before the start of the course, then you will be subject to Instalment payments.


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