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PFS Personal Trainer®
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Personal Trainer ® (128 hours course)


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€200 x 10

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€250 x 10


PFS Personal Trainer provides you with the opportunity to become a highly qualified and experienced professional,

with a prestigious qualification obtained in the most innovative fitness school in Ireland. In only 16 days (128 Hours course), become a Personal Trainer with the knowledge that will enable you to make a mark in the existing world of fitness. Book now - limited spaces so register and guarantee yourself a colorful future now!


The PFS PERSONAL TRAINER with nutrition is the most comprehensive course on the Irish market. Our teaching programme is built on the foundation of the experience and research of our tutors, who have been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. It is created to help health and fitness professionals deliver tailored programmes their future clients will require to live a healthy life style.

During the course not only, you will gather the knowledge that enables you to train people one to one, you will also learn many different training techniques and principles of assisting your clients with professionalism.

A personal trainer’s role includes designing, implementing and evaluating exercise/physical activity programmes for apparently healthy and low-risk adult populations by collecting and analysing client information to ensure the effectiveness and safety of personal exercise programmes. A personal trainer should also actively encourage potential clients/members to participate in and adhere to regular exercise/physical activity programmes, employing appropriate motivational strategies to achieve this.

Standards and Competencies Framework

Role of the PT

Functional Anatomy



Psycho-social Aspects of Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness Assessment: Collecting and Analysing Information

Training Adaptation and Exercise Planning and Programming

Business and Marketing Skills for Personal Trainers


Materials and Examination costs are included in the price of the course. 

You can now choose between three options :


2 main diplomas


1 main diploma


3 extra CPD courses:

PFS BOXING fundamentals of boxing movements.

PFS KETTLEBELLS fundamentals of kettlebell movement techniques.

PFS SUSPENSION fundamentals of suspension exercises.



If you require additional information about any of the above courses, please navigate into each description individually. If you require to speak to an adviser, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0873448483 or email

Do I need to hold any prior qualifications?

This course requires a recognised, valid and current basic Gym Instructor qualification accredited and mapped at EQF Level 3 | NQF level 4* such as the PFS GYM INSTRUCTOR

External qualifications will be considered.

If you currently do not hold any qualifications, please browse our website for options starting with the links above. 


*Ireland completed referencing the Irish NFQ to the EQF in 2009.

Who should attend?

  • A reasonable level of fitness and exposure to the industry are recommended
  • Those who love fitness, and want to progress in their career

  • Those who want to help other people achieve their fitness goals and change lives

  • Those who are outgoing and eager to work hard and expand their own fitness knowledge

  • Those  that want to jump on the industry's latest Personal Training trend

  • Those who are determined to leap ahead of the competition

Please inform us during the registration process if you have any learning difficulties or disabilities so we can accommodate you appropriately.

The PERSONAL TRAINER course is spread over 17 (136 hours ) Days with nutrition or 12( 96 hours)  days without nutrition 

Additional self-study hours: 12 - 24 hours* the time burden can vary depending on individual ability and dedication.

"Our brightest students are being recommended by us to eager employers, so prepare to impress us."

The Personal Trainer (EQF level 4) Diploma examination will take place on the last day of the course, as specified in the course schedule below.

The Personal Trainer (EQF level 4) Diploma interim examination consists of:

  1. Interim practical and theoretical assessments that are scored and the score goes towards the final examination. If not passed, the mini-assessments have to be repeated. The details of these assessments will be given at each appropriate phase of the course.

The Personal Trainer (EQF level 4) Diploma final day examination consists of:

  1. Theory: The PFS ANATOMY ADVANCED exam consists of 52 multiple choice questions given on paper. For more information about the Anatomy & Physiology exam please follow the link provided.

  2. Theory: The Personal Trainer principles of practice exam consists of 52 multiple choice questions given on paper. Please follow the link to take a short 5 question mock exam: PFS Personal Trainer Sample Questions.

  3. Practical:  Training programme - and 1 to 1 with the teacher, where the student explains: client introduction, warm up, a summary of executing 9 equipment exercises in a correct and safe manner, cool down, stretching 

Optional PFS Nutrition

The PFS NUTRITION ADVISER examination is designed to help understand all the information contained in the course and it consists of:

We assess our students using an end-of-term multiple choice questionnaire consisting of 52 question, after the completion of real-life case studies and a practical class using body-fat calipers.

Students are given impromptu pop tests throughout the course to flag any areas of difficulty so every student gets all the help and support they need to successfully complete this course.

Please check our Terms and Conditions for the examination procedures and repeats.



Internationally recognised and REPs accredited. Become a gym trainer and exercise specialist, free weights and body weight training.

Main Qualification obtained: Personal Trainer (EQF level 4|NQF level 5) | Ireland completed referencing the Irish NFQ to the EQF in 2009.

Study Mode: Theory in class or studio, Practice in the gym and studio, and mandatory Self-study.


Examination: Required - Information available on the EXAM tab found above.

Study Mode: Theory in class, Practice in the gym, and mandatory Self-study.

You will receive two main certificates (PFS Personal Trainer and PFS Nutrition Adviser) and 8  Certificates CPD 


PFS Foam Roller & Flexibility and Mobility
PFS BOXING exercises 
PFS Core Stability & Fitball Exercises
PFS Functional & Bodyweight exercises 
PFS Postural Assessment and Alignment Correction
PFS Endurance training - different sports activities
PFS Calisthenics Workout Instructor
PFS Kettlebells Movement 

During this course, you will learn detailed anatomy and physiology of a human being which is a necessary knowledge to have when choosing exercises based on your client's needs. Our Anatomy & Physiology advanced course is combined with an explanation of the most frequent client injuries help your clients fully return to their training abilities.

Postural assessment combined with correction, functional training, improvement of flexibility and mobility are the most important components of a good training program.Without the knowledge of all aspects of training, you will not be able to design a good training program for beginners and for advanced clients.After completing this course, you will have no doubt of how to work with your clients in a safe and effective way.

Additional information

If you require additional information about any of the above courses, please navigate through each description individually. If you require to speak to an adviser, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0873448483 or email



Verification service: CYQ - Central YMCA Qualifications

All our courses are accredited by REPs Ireland and EREPs recognised worldwide through ICREPs.

All PFS qualifications meet industry standards that have been developed and published by the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA).

REPs Ireland ensures that all standards used are mapped to and meet all appropriate International standards where possible, to ensure all REPs Ireland members benefit from recognition of their status from other National REPs.

Payment rules 

  • We operate on a first come, first serve basis with no exceptions.

  • We allow only 10 places per course.

  • To secure your place on the course the payment should be made upon registration.

  • We allow 5 calendar days to receive payment before your place is given to another person that has paid.

  • After 5 calendar days have passed, and we haven't received any payment, you will need to register again if places are still available.

  • There is no way to prolong the 5 calendar days. Registrations are not accepted if you have already registered and the initial 5 days have not elapsed.

  • If we have received a late Early Bird payment (i.e. you registered for Early Bird but we haven't received payment within 5 calendar days) you will be liable for the Normal Price as outlined in our Terms & Conditions. No exceptions will be made.

  • If you have signed up at the Normal Price or Early Bird price and we haven't received the full amount from you before the start of the course, then you will be subject to Instalment payments.


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