PFS Personal Trainer® with Nutrition & Pilates

PFS Personal Trainer®
with Nutrition & Pilates
PFS Personal Trainer® Combo Gym & PT with PFS Nutrition Adviser + PFS Pilates

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"Those who say it can't be done, should not interrupt the ones doing it."

Far too often we hear about injuries during a class or getting injured following a program in the gym. Is it any wonder why the general public has a hard time with many trainers?

Some trainers foolishly believe that an intense workout, being sore for days are things to be celebrated. Injuring the body is never something to celebrate. 

Why would a potential client put off hiring the right person for the job unless they were convinced (or scared) that the one trainer is not the right person? ProFi® will help you become the trainer that you should be and can be! All it takes is the right no-nonsense education.

Choose to become a Gym Instructor, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer with Nutrition Adviser to be a clear choice for your clients.

Costs of Learning Materials and the Examination are included in the price of the Course.


What is included in the package?

4 main Diplomas

If you require additional information about any of the above courses, please navigate into each description individually. If you require to speak to an adviser, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0873448483 or email 

The course has been designed so that each qualification builds upon each other, therefore there are no previous qualifications required.


Who should attend?

  • Those who love fitness, and want to make it their career

  • Those who want to help other people achieve their fitness goals and change lives

  • Those who are outgoing and eager to work hard and expand their own fitness knowledge

  • Those with a passion for group fitness and that want to jump on the industry's latest group training trends

  • Those that want to leap ahead of the competition when it comes to employment opportunities

  • A reasonable level of fitness and exposure to the industry are recommended


Please inform us during the registration process if you have any learning difficulties or disabilities so we can accommodate you appropriately.

Course hours that require 100% attendance: 24 Days ( 192 hours)

Additional self-study hours: 12 - 24 hours* the time burden can vary depending on individual ability and dedication.

Exam is included in the price of the course.  Repeats are subject to additional fees.


The Gym Instructor & Fitness Instructor (EQF level 3) Diploma final day examination consists of:

  1. Theory: The PFS ANATOMY  exam consists of 72 multiple choice questions ( online exam). For more information about the Anatomy & Physiology exam please follow the link provided.
  2. Theory: The Gym Instruction and Personal Trainer exam consists of 72 multiple choice questions (online exam) The questions are only from the information contained in manuals. Please follow the link to take a short 5 question mock exam: PFS Gym Instruction Sample Questions.
  3. Theory Nutrition Adviser: Multiple choice exam consisting of 52 question, after the completion of real-life case studies and a practical class using body-fat calipers.
  4. Practical Gym Instructor: Student must teach a group of students present, a set of 3 body weight exercises,2 with resistance and 1 stretch exercise indicated by the assessor on the day. The exercises can only be chosen from the ones covered in the Gym Instructor manual. Student explains a summary of executing 3 equipment exercises in a correct and safe manner
  5. Practical Fitness Instructor: demonstration of one class chosen at random by the Examiner on the day ( Aerobics, TBC or Step).
  6. Pilates exam - theory exam of 21 questions and Practical exam ( demonstrate 6 exercises ).
  7. Nutrition exam - Multiple choice exam consisting of 52 questions.

Please note that failed theory exam can be repeated online upon prior registration, please follow the link for registering:

Failed practical exam can be repeated upon prior registration:  We will contact you to schedule the new date of the practical exam.

PFS  4  in 1 ® Gym,  PT, Nutrition, Pilates 

4 main Diplomas PFS  Gym Instructor | PFS Personal Trainer | PFS Nutrition Advisor |  + 12 Certificates


Main Qualifications obtained: 4 Main Diplomas up to (EQF level 4|NQF level 5) | Ireland completed referencing the Irish NFQ to the EQF in 2009.

Additional Qualifications obtained: 12 short certifications*

Study Mode: Theory in class or studio, Practice in the gym and studio, and mandatory Self-study.

Examination: Required - Information available on the EXAM tab found above.





Verification service: CYQ - Central YMCA Qualifications

All our courses are accredited by REPs Ireland and recognised worldwide through ICREPs.

All PFS qualifications meet industry standards that have been developed and published by the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA).

REPs Ireland ensures that all standards used are mapped to and meet all appropriate International standards where possible, to ensure all REPs Ireland members benefit from recognition of their status from other National REPs.

Payment rules 

  • We operate on a first come, first serve basis with no exceptions.

  • We allow only 10 places per course.

  • To secure your place on the course the payment should be made upon registration.

  • We allow 5 calendar days to receive payment before your place is given to another person that has paid.

  • After 5 calendar days have passed, and we haven't received any payment, you will need to register again if places are still available.

  • There is no way to prolong the 5 calendar days. Registrations are not accepted if you have already registered and the initial 5 days have not elapsed.

  • If we have received a late Early Bird payment (i.e. you registered for Early Bird but we haven't received payment within 5 calendar days) you will be liable for the Normal Price as outlined in our Terms & Conditions. No exceptions will be made.

  • If you have signed up at the Normal Price or Early Bird price and we haven't received the full amount from you before the start of the course, then you will be subject to instalment payments.


Payment options 

Early Bird

This offer is only available for selected courses, dates or locations.

When displayed, the offer expires once there are less than 28 calendar days until the course.

Please do not contact us asking to receive this offer if it is not displayed.

If you do see this offer than we advise you to take action and get this great course at a special price!

Normal Price

Payment must be made in full and received by us before the course starts. Please take into account that bank transfers may take time and we operate on a first come first serve basis with no exceptions as outlined in PAYMENT RULES.


The instalment price is divided into six equal payments. The first instalment has to be paid upon registration. The subsequent instalments will be paid during the course with the last instalment paid before the course ends. Instalment payments are subject to our Terms and Conditions.


Payment methods

Once you register, you will be guided through the payment process.

  • Bank transfer

  • Paypal

  • Cash payments are not accepted


If you encounter any issues with payment and you have read our FAQ page, please reach out via the Contact section.

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