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Interest in Olympic Weightlifting has skyrocketed in the last few years, with clients seeking out personal trainers and gym instructors with qualifications specific to Olympic lifting. 


The benefits of Olympic Weightlifting are well documented, with increased mobility & flexibility, strength, power production, muscle mass gain and speed development being just a few. In recent years, the personal training and fitness industry have caught on to these benefits, and clientele interest in olympic weightlifting and advanced lifts has skyrocketed. The main goal for any fitness professional is to help their clients meet their goals in a safe and timely manner.

The main problem within the industry at this time is that those teaching these advanced lifts have little to no experience, and do not understand the technique and development necessary to ensure their clients partake in olympic weightlifting in a  safe manner. This course will make sure you stand out from the crowd as a qualified weightlifting coach.

Not only will you gain knowledge of the technique used in the lifts, but our course provides you with the knowledge needed to progress or regress the lift, understand the anatomy and physiology behind the movements, and the ability to spot a potential injury before it becomes a problem.


Olympic Weightlifting is comprised of two main lifts; the clean and jerk (C&J) and the snatch. However, as any fitness professional will know, complex compound lifts such as these take time to learn. This is where the Advanced Lifts element of the course comes in. Unless your client is some sort of superhuman, they generally will find olympic weightlifting movements difficult to do and will have trouble with timing, co-ordination and execution. We must introduce accessory or advanced lifts to help aid neuromuscular adaptation and proprioception. Simply put, this mean that we regress the whole movement (C&J and snatch) into parts (hang clean, 3 stop snatch, deadlift, etc) to aid learning and progression.


This course is an absolute necessity for fitness professionals in today’s fitness industry, Olympic Weightlifting and Advanced Lifts will only continue to grow in popularity, and it is essential knowledge for personal trainers and gym instructors wanting to remain competitive in their industry.




Course contents

Qualification outcome

  • Introduction to Olympic Lifting
  • Clean and Jerk: Technique, anatomy and physiology, progressions and regressions
  • The Snatch: Technique, anatomy and physiology, progressions and regressions
  • Injury screening and Olympic lifting
  • Mobility and flexibility for Olympic Weightlifting: What, when, why and how
  • Coaching Olympic Weightlifting to beginners, intermediate and advanced lifters
  • Failing the lift: A safety guide
  • Exercise selection according to needs
  • Sets and repetitions
  • Importance of breathing
  • Practical training, adjustments, corrections
  • Safety
  • Insight and knowledge of Olympic Weightlifting and Advanced Lifts
  • Using advanced lifts for injury screening
  • Understanding of and ability to explain correct technique and body position when lifting
  • Increasing your competitiveness in your industry
  • Ability to progress or regress a lift based on client needs
  • Teach an Olympic Weightlifting and Advanced Lifts class
  • Understanding and using mobility and flexibility exercises for Olympic Weightlifting
  • Prescribe mobility and flexibility as part of a gym programme if you are already qualified as a Gym Instructor
  • Teach 1 to 1 and prescribe it as part of an advanced programme if you are already qualified as a Personal trainer or Coach.
  • Respond to health and safety issues
  • Deliver classes as part of working full-time or part-time within a leisure centre or health club
  • Deliver a number of classes per week in various locations as a freelancer


Who should attend?


This course is open for everyone who wants to improve their teaching skills and general knowledge in the field, walking the path of development and reach excellence.


Applicants should have a keen interest in advanced lifts and a passion for personal development. Fitness professionals should have a minimum of basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology, with experience in compound movements desirable but not mandatory.


This course requires a recognised, valid and current Fitness Instructor , Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer qualification which is accredited and mapped at EQF Level 3 | NQF level 4* / EQF Level 4 | NQF Level 5 such as the PFS GYM INSTRUCTOR AND PERSONAL TRAINER WITH NUTRITION COMBO .If you didn't qualify with us, a scanned copy of your certificate will be required in response to your registration confirmation email.


This course requires a recognised, valid and current Fitness Instructor or Gym Instructor qualification which is accredited and mapped at EQF Level 3 | NQF level 4* such as the PFS GROUP FITNESS CLASSES INSTRUCTOR or PFS GYM INSTRUCTOR. If you didn't qualify with us, a scanned copy of your certificate will be required in response to your registration confirmation email.



Please inform us during the registration process if you have any learning difficulties or disabilities so we can accommodate you appropriately. 


What you need to bring with you:

  •  Bottle of water 
  •  Appropriate footwear for Olympic Weightlifting (individual preference, running shoes of lifting shoes advised)
  •  Sports/gym gear
  •  Towel
  •  Lunch and snacks
  •  Notepad

Course hours that require 100% attendance: 7.5 hours held on one weekend day

Additional self-study hours: 5 - 8 hours* the time burden can vary depending on individual ability and dedication.

Every participant receives Certificate of Attendance. This certificate will confirm attendance however it is not a teaching qualification.


In order to obtain Instructor Certificate,  students must pass the examination. If you would like to take the exam , please click here to register.

Exam consists of two parts: theory and practical.


Theory : 16 MCQ ( multiple choice questions) – pass rate 75% ( 12 correct answers)  This exam takes place online and can be attempted by a student in their own time however within 1 month from the exam fee being paid and 6 months from the end of the course. The exam link allows for 1 attempt only and in case of the failed exam repeat exam fee must be paid in order to take the exam again.


Practical : students will record and send 30 min video showing the class they teach ( with their client). Teacher will explain all aspects of exam during the course.

The video must be submitted within 1 month from the exam fee being paid . Feedback from the teacher will be sent over via email.  Students can send 3 recordings within a month.




Every participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Instructor Certificate is subject to exam - please refer to Exam Tab for further information.

Certificate equals 8 REPs accredited CPD points.




All our courses are accredited by REPs Ireland and recognized worldwide through ICREPs.

All PFS qualifications meet industry standards that have been developed and published by the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA).

REPs Ireland ensures that all standards used are mapped to and meet all appropriate International standards where possible, to ensure all REPs Ireland members benefit from recognition of their status from other National REPs.



Payment rules 

  • We operate on a first come, first serve basis with no exceptions.
  • We allow only 10 places per course.
  • To secure your place on the course the payment should be made upon registration.
  • We allow 5 calendar days to receive payment before your place is given to another person that has paid.
  • After 5 calendar days have passed, and we haven't received any payment, you will need to register again if places are still available.
  • There is no way to prolong the 5 calendar days. Registrations are not accepted if you have already registered and the initial 5 days have not elapsed.
  • If we have received a late Early Bird payment (i.e. you registered for Early Bird but we haven't received payment within 5 calendar days) you will be liable for the Normal Price as outlined in our Terms & Conditions. No exceptions will be made.
  • If you have signed up at the Normal Price or Early Bird price and we haven't received the full amount from you before the start of the course, then you will be subject to Instalment payments.


Payment options 

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Normal Price

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Payment methods

Once you register, you will be guided through the payment process.

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal


If you encounter any issues with payment and you have read our FAQ page, please reach out via the Contact section.


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