PFS Life Coach Certification® Professional Guide in the Fitness Industry

PFS Life Coach Certification®
Professional Guide in the Fitness Industry

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Become a certified life coach & grow your life coaching business! Done-for-you forms, tools, processes & best practices

You’ll develop strong communication skills, including powerful listening skills and vital questioning skills that will allow you to help clients develop a better understanding of themselves.  

You’ll learn core life coaching tools, including goal-setting exercises and accountability tips to help you empower your clients to follow through and achieve their goals.  

You’ll learn popular activities you can use with your clients, like the wheel of life, journaling, and affirmations, as well as popular Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.  

You’ll develop the mindset of success including developing your emotional intelligence, learning how to establish rapport with your clients, making sure you and your clients are approaching coaching with a growth mindset, and developing true confidence as a life coach.  

And then, you’ll dig deeper with in-depth life coaching processes designed to help you coach your clients to achieve specific outcomes. Processes we will cover include: 

  • Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-talk
  • Emotions
  • Beliefs
  • Decision making
  • Taking actions
  • Overcoming fear
  • Creating change
  • Finding passion and purpose
  • Rewriting your life story

What you'll learn

  • Feel confident in your ability to get your client's real results.
  • Structure your coaching business, including packages, sessions, and your ideal coaching niche.
  • Utilize proven life coaching best practices including step-by-step processes and powerful tools.
  • Polish your communication techniques so that you can listen to and question your clients to succeed.
  • Learn neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques.
  • Know how to set expectations, maintain boundaries, and overcome your own fears.
  • Use professional done-for-you forms and templates that take the guesswork out of coaching.
  • Work with your clients to set achievable goals and action plans and hold them accountable to follow through.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence and a growth mindset.
  • Help your clients develop awareness and mindfulness.
  • Help your clients empower their thinking and self-talk.
  • Help your clients take back their power over negative emotions.
  • Help your clients eliminate limiting beliefs and stop holding themselves back.
  • Help your clients make hard decisions and take actions they've been putting off.
  • Help your clients overcome the fear of change, failure, and risk.
  • Help your clients live a life of passion and purpose.
  • Create a thriving life coaching business.
  • Discover your ideal life coaching niche and design your life coaching package.
  • Learn the secrets to attracting clients and marketing your life coaching business.

Who should attend?

This course is open to everyone who wants to improve their teaching skills and general knowledge in the field of Fitness and Personal Training. A desire to become a life coach and learn powerful techniques and tools for helping others.


 Course hours that require 100% attendance: 7 hours during 7 weekend day 

Additional self-study hours: 7 hours

Examination hours: Not applicable


Students who complete this course will receive an official life coach CERTIFICATION from ProFi Fitness School - Life Coach Certification® Professional Guide


Participants must have 100% attendance and will receive the PFS Life Coach Certification® Professional Guide® Certificate.

Payment rules 

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Payment options 

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Payment methods

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