More and more people are seeking out Personal Trainers and Pilates Instructors to help them achieve their fitness and health goals.

A personal training career can be very rewarding and often comes with great perks like working your own hours and even a free gym membership, but there's much more to becoming a successful trainer than most people think.

ProFi Fitness School offers the broadest qualifications on the Irish market - after finishing our  Personal Trainer Combo course you will be able to teach a wide range of classes. 

Stresses of everyday life and the need to slow down make people take up classes like Pilates and as a result, the Pilates course is one of the most sought after courses at the moment! Designed to give participants all the basic skills, knowledge and exercises to allow the safe and effective use of Pilates in providing a great workout for their client.

To be a successful Personal Trainer and  Pilates Instructor with a high level of experience and recognised qualificationsProFi® can help you jump start your career with our world-class REPs accredited qualifications!



  • Authors, course developers, university collaborators and lecturers
  • World class experts in their fields, have many years of professional and teaching experience
  • At the forefront of the industry through continuous development
  • Fitness culture is developed worldwide and our international team brings the best of the world to Ireland