PILATES & Personal Trainer Education

PILATES & Personal Trainer Education

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What is a Gym Instructor and a Personal Trainer?

More and more people are seeking out Personal Trainers to help them achieve their fitness and health goals. A personal training career can be very rewarding and often comes with great perks like working your own hours and even a free gym membership, but there's much more to becoming a successful trainer than most people think.

ProFi Fitness School offers the broadest qualifications on the Irish market- after finishing our Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer courses you will be able to teach a wide range of classes without the need to complete the Instruction to Music module.

To be a successful Personal Trainer you would first need to be a Gym Instructor with a high level of experience and recognised qualifications. You will also need attention to detail, a love for knowledge, good 'people' skills and an outgoing, friendly personality. This will prepare you to meet clients from all walks of life and design specific programs to cater to all the shapes and sizes they come in, or want to become. Overwhelmed already? See below how ProFi® can help you jump start your career with our world-class REPs accredited qualifications!


The Personal Trainer Career Path



In order to optimize your time ( and money! )and develop your career faster, we have created a COMBO course called PFS GYM INSTRUCTOR AND PERSONAL TRAINER WITH BASIC NUTRITION - this way you receive basic ( Gym Instructor) and professional ( Personal Trainer ) qualifications during one course. And we have also added Basic Nutrition to give you a better understanding of the nutritional requirements of various sports.




Also known as CPD, this enables the holder of a basic certificate such as the NQF level 4 Gym Floor Instructor to gain qualifications and teach group classes. To check the requirements of each individual course under this section please follow the panel on the right.

As an NFQ level 5 Certified Personal Trainer, you can broaden your knowledge and teach 1 to 1 element of Pilates. How about a 1 to 1 Cardiovascular Training session on an indoor bike?

You can move further afield and work with track Athletes by completing our  Body Transformation course.

As a Personal Trainer, your possibilities to grow with ProFi® are endless!

Note: Each completed course from this section will give you 8 CPD points per course day.




Even though most of the modules here are already included in the PFS GYM INSTRUCTOR AND PERSONAL TRAINER WITH BASIC NUTRITION COURSE they can still be done separately to accumulate up to date knowledge and CPD points.

Note: Each completed course from this section will give you 8 CPD points.



All of the courses include the cost of examinations. However, in the unlikely event that you miss or fail to pass your examination, you can use this section to book a repeat.

Note: You can only be examined for a total of 3 times for each course.


Why is ProFi® your best option?

All our Trainers are employed in the area they teach and have a world of experience to share. The Personal Trainers that you'll meet have been running their own business for a good while. Some are competitive athletes that have won prizes on countless occasions. They are successful and eager to pass their success on to you!

Unlike some traditional desk jobs where you learn the tricks of the trade during orientation and then repeat the same duties every day, fitness is always changing. If working as a Gym Instructor is what you're after, just walking the gym floor is no longer enough for employers. Pick up any class schedule from a club and it will quickly become apparent that to be employable, you need to be certified to teach a good few of the advertised classes.

The Personal Trainer of today is a business person, a marketer and a well prepared professional that has a deep understanding of how the human body works.



We have designed our courses to go beyond the basics. With ProFi®,your career path as a Personal Trainer starts with our PFS GYM INSTRUCTOR AND PERSONAL TRAINER WITH BASIC NUTRITION COURSE. After combining the principles of exercise with the fundamentals of nutrition you are ready to shoot for the coveted position of a Personal Trainer.



That our Personal Trainer course exceeds the qualification requirements of the role and exceeds the number of certificates you get with any other package available out there. In fact, there isn't any other package in the country or abroad that even comes close! Don't take our word for it, follow the link and learn all about our unique REPs accredited  PFS GYM INSTRUCTOR AND PERSONAL TRAINER WITH BASIC NUTRITION COURSE.



We are not here to tell you the fitness industry is a "fairy-tale" because that is a lie. We are here to guarantee you, that through a most friendly experience, you will receive the tools in order to build your career for the real world. All you need to add is a bit of "you" and a bit of "action". In the fitness industry, success is built through hard work. We have what it takes. Do you?



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