Do you love everything about health and fitness?

"Unleash your hidden potential with ProFi® and lead a successful and fulfilled career in fitness!"

Minimum of 2 Years working as a Personal Trainer/ Fitness Professional / Nutritionist / Life Coach / Physiotherapist or Wellness Professional 



Comprehensive Online Course Creation Guidance - Your Knowledge into a Course People Will Pay For!

Teacher Training- Create Your Online or Offline Course

Teach! Turn your expertise, knowledge, experience, or passion into an ONLINE COURSE! Filming, editing, curriculum

Build Online and Offline Business Selling Courses

Learn exactly how to build an online and offline business by creating and selling courses.

Teach Anybody Anything: Reach Any Learner Anywhere

Learn the tools you can use to engage every time you teach or train and earn thousands of euros.

  • TEACH YOUR PASSION: Monetize your passion or expertise by getting paid to teach what you know and love online! Help others learn what you know, achieve what you’ve accomplished, or thrive through what you’ve overcome.
  • FREE YOUR TIME: Stop trading your time for money by turning your coaching, consulting, training, or educational program into an automated or leveraged online or offline course.
  • LEAVE A LEGACY: Package your wisdom and share it with the masses for generations to come! Ensure your years of experience and knowledge reach those you wish to serve, even after you’re gone.
  • TRAIN YOUR CLIENTS/STAFF: Streamline your training process (and reduce cost) by converting new or existing programs into automated, self-paced courses available anywhere, any time.
  • EXPAND MY IMPACT/REACH: Add value to your clients, customers, or intended audience by sharing educational content through low-cost, accessible, automated online or offline courses.

Who this course is for:

  • You want to become an ONLINE and OFFLINE TEACHER/educator/instructor but you’re not sure how to get started
  • You want to GET PAID TO TEACH something you know and love but don’t know how
  • You’re an ENTREPRENEUR, side-hustler, or want to become self-employed and you’re looking for a new way to MAKE MONEY or generate extra income
  • You’re a life COACH, consultant, TRAINER, speaker, or teacher who recognizes you could REACH MORE PEOPLE if you weren’t restricted to being there IN PERSON
  • You have KNOWLEDGE, expertise, or experience in a particular field or hobby that others would benefit from learning