Canarias FITNESS Convention


About the Event

Canarias Fitness Convention is a fitness event organized in the sunny island of Gran Canaria. From the 16th to the 18th of March you will be able to exercise with the biggest

fitness stars. These are the 3 days of fitness celebrations for all who love fitness, fun, fitness education on the highest level and of course a great weather.

  • First event of this kind in this part of Europe.
  • World-class fitness classes presented by the biggest fitness stars – each and every one of them is the master in their field. This is an amazing opportunity to see and learn from the best.
  • huge fitness club surrounded by a wonderful park to rest between classes and lectures.



Come and join us and have an active holiday!



What’s the plan for these 3 days?

We are going to start the activities from 5 pm on Friday so that everyone could come after work to exercise with the best and get ready for busy and intense weekend.

On Friday, you will be able to exercise with international stars (Poland/Lithuania/Peru and Spain) widely recognized in the fitness world. Everyone can attend, and you don’t have to be a professional to have fun!

Saturday will bring a day long fitness activity. This time, we will also be joined by additional presenters from Spain and Argentina!  This is going to be an intense day, but it will be so worth it! You will have an opportunity to exercise with the best, learn new teaching techniques (choreography and motivation).

After such a busy day, we will relax at dinner in the centre of Las Palmas.

Sunday will also be an action-packed day! You will be able to attend classes taught by Polish and Argentinian presenters. You will be able to take part in the biggest functional training class – first time in Europe!




 Day 1 - 16.03.2018 - Friday

Functional Flow

17:00 - 17:55, Marcin Zierałko, Poland

This lesson combines the features of traditional strengthening training with mental activities. The low intensity and slower tempo of the music will allow you to take care of the technique and finish the movement with all multi-joint exercises in all dimensions.

Shall we Dance

18:00 - 18:55, Sylvia Hereshtyn, Poland

Listen to the music, go to the dancefloor and show off the music that is inside you. Express yourself in dance and have fun. 

Pilates  Flow 

19:00 - 19:55, Vanessa Arquez, España

Pilates  Flow in this class you will do the serie of exercises created by J. Pilates and adapted biomechanically to our days, with modifications for experts and not. You will work on your entire body through your breath and through the activation of the "power house".

Aero Fever 

20:00 - 20:55, Joana Malakauskiene, Lithuania

Aero Fever This is a class using symmetric and asymmetric aerobic blocks. The routine will bring you to all directions with simple aerobic moves mixed with some funky dance flavour in it. Feel the groove and make fitness fun.

Yin Yoga 

21:00 - 21:55, Karla Vergaray, Peru

A practice to relax your body after a day of intense exercise. Through deep and repeated stretching exercises and breathing techniques you will relax your muscles and joints. Yin Yoga brings the exercises to full attention and relaxation and deeply relief the muscles.

Day 2 - 17.03.2018 - Saturday

Fit Yoga

9:00 - 9:55, Karla Vergaray, Peru

Fit Yoga In this class there will be a lot of movement and we will sweat a lot! Through the practice of Sun Salutation of Dynamic Yoga, we will execute some series inspired by yoga postures based on push-ups, arms balance, torsions and much more. This is the less meditative practice of Yoga, but it needs a big concentration and physical strength to take you to your body awareness.


10:00 - 10:55, Jennifer Sanchez, Spain 

One of the most entertaining disciplines to stay in good shape, a full training that combines aerobic exercises with Latin rhythms like salsa, merengue, flamenco, bachata, reggaetón and samba. Movements of high and slow intensity melt together with breaks to burns calories. It’s the perfect practice to lose weight and having fun at the same time!
Only requirement: follow the rhythm and enjoy!


Dance Cocktail

11:00 - 11:55, Marcin Zieralko, Poland

Asymmetrical and pleasant choreography containing dance and aerobics elements – just a perfect combination. Everyone can find their original style and simply have a wonderful time.  

Move Functional / Total Functional Step

12:00 - 12:55, Sylvia Hereshtyn, Poland

Another dimension of training. Full body step workout based on functional movements, it doesn't matter how trained you are. Start from basic exercises and make the progression to the more advanced. Push your limits forward.

Lunch Break

13:00 - 13:30

Functional Step Attack

13:30 - 14:25, Joana Malakauskiene, Lithuania

Step Feel empowered with functional workout to the music using Step platform. Bend, squat, lunge, push-ups, balance, twist - all these moves combined and balanced into a nice flow routine. This is a great cardio class which will work your body from head to toe. The moves progress from easy to hard so you can modify this Step routine to your own level. This hard-core class will burn you up with no time.


14:30 - 15:25, Jennifer Sanchez, Spain

Discipline that combines aerobic exercises and boxe movements. If you want to release your adrenaline and energy through the music, find your shape and have a better muscles flexibility this is the perfect class for you!

Flow Choreografy 

15:30 - 16:25, Sylvia Hereshtyn & Joana Malakauskiene

STEP TEAM. Amazing team of 2 beautiful girls :-) Set the step on fire and have fun ;) Train you stamina, coordination and memory , and experience lots of joy from the first steps of the class.

WORLD LATINO (100% Latin) 

16:30 - 17:25, Guillermo Gonzalez Vega, Argentina

Based on the method of GLAM-DANCE we build up a real Latin choreography with temperament and passion. Cha, Cha, Shaky and more... This is NOT a hi-lo class but a real masterclass that takes you virtually to South America. You will dance to all rhythms.... SAMBA, MAMBO, CUMBIA, MERENGUE...100% Latin.


We are waiting for you!




Sylwia Heresztyn

Sylwia is a fitness instructor with 11 years of experience and a trainer and presenter of the international ProFi Fitness School academy. Sylwia is also a personal trainer. the Member of REPs Polska and Finalist of the IFA New Talent 2014 competition (Rome), Islandfit Talento International Contest 2014 (Alcudia, Majorca), IFA New Talent 2013 (Rome) and a semi-finalist of the New Presenter Competition Days for Fit 2014 contest (Naples). Self-development and acquiring knowledge and experience is very important to her, which is why Sylwia is an active participant in numerous trainings, workshops and conventions in Poland and abroad. He loves exploring the world and people.


Marcin Zierałko

Marcin Zierałko is an international presenter and trainer, IFAA Master Instructor. Marcin is passionate about various forms of dance and healthy lifestyle, with over 10 years of fitness experience. His mentors are Steve Boedt and Julio Papi. He presented his excellent lessons among others in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Austria, Slovenia and Japan. His lessons are a real feast for the senses and a lot of inspiration for everyone.


Guillermo González Vega

Guillermo is a leading professional in the aerobic and fitness business since 26 years. His brilliant and charismatic style incorporates his knowledge of sports physiology and unconventional choreography into a fluid integration of mind, body and soul trough the joy of movement. His skills in communications, education, teaching techniques and dance with limitless energy and enthusiasm give birth to aerobic performances with a unique style. Trough his own school “Euroeducation”, he created a leading education system forming the best European teachers and presenters in this field.


Joana Malakauskiene

Joana has worked as a Fitness professional for over 12 years. Originally from Lithuania, she successfully continues her fitness career in Ireland for the last 9 years. She is an all-round educated Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer, from a gymnastics and dance background. Her biggest passion is in Dance Step, Aerobics, Functional Workout, Functional Step classes. In her classes and choreography you can always find a nice flow of movements. What really makes it special is her charisma, passion and infectious energy.


Karla Vergaray

Karla Vergaray is a Peruvian teacher who has been living in the Canary Islands for the last 26 years. Karla is Coach certificated from Canary Institute of Coaching and she is the director of Pure Yoga Canarias centre in the south of Gran Canaria. At the moment she runs the only Sup Yoga Balance certification in the Canary Islands. Karla takes part to this convention with the goal to show everyone that Yoga practise is a help to manage your own emotions, but also a beautiful way to tone your body and loose weight.


Vanessa Arques Monzo

Vanessa is a Spanish teacher who has been living in the Canary Islands for 6 years. She is specialised in group fitness class and she works for the best fitness centers of Gran Canaria. Vanessa is a Pilates certified teacher for 10 years and she loves keeping herself updated with the last techniques of this discipline. During our convention, she is going to teach us the Pilates practice adapted to every level.


Jennifer Sánchez 

Jennifer Sánchez is a Zumba teacher and ZIN member since 2013. With an incredible experience in the sector, her classes are full of energy and fun! What makes Jennifer feel better is the satisfaction to finish a class knowing that her job is done very well and her students reach theirs fitness goals having fun! Don’t miss the Zumba party and its incredible rhythm and choreographies!





Complejo deportivo Las Rehoyas RALONSSPORT

Ubicado en el Parque de Las Rehoyas

Carretera Antigua del Norte

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria




Prices will depend on the registration day and payment made. Price includes 3-day pass (fitness classes and circuit training).

till 15th March€60.00
Convention Day (full 3 days)€90.00
Convention Day (each day)€40.00
World Class Circuit Training€15.00


Group Registration

For every group of 5 people, we offer you additional free entrance! Spread the word and bring your friends! (the payment for 5 people must be done in full.)


Monika Hogan
(+353) 087 344 8483


Organizers will also help with accommodation bookings (competitve prices), please contact:

Edyta Wolak