Welcome to the team Ben

ProFi Fitness School, Publication date: 06-09-2021

Ben is a leading educator and coach in the fields of fitness, nutrition, and sleep science. His fitness and personal training career began in 1995 working across a wide range of different industry roles. He shifted into fitness and nutrition education in 2003.

Ben’s formal qualifications are a BSc in Sports Science and MSc in Holistic Nutrition, though his thirst for knowledge includes over 25 other professional certifications. He has researched and developed a wide range of health and fitness certification programmes, not least of which is the first professionally accredited, purely online personal training programme in Europe. Ben’s most recent certification explores the benefits of optimal Sleep for recovery and its impact of exercise and physical performance. A keen writer, Ben has penned two formal qualification manuals (Active IQ) and is also the author of two books; Nutrition’s Playground (2011), and The Complete Guide to Suspended Fitness Training (2015). A versatile and experienced international presenter, Ben is known for his engaging and upbeat delivery style.


Ben will deliver our upcoming Nutrition Advisor course starting 3rd October and you can find full course details by going to the Pilates & Personal Trainer Tab, clicking on PFS Nutrition Advisor®