ProFi Fitness School, Publication date: 22-03-2021


It has never happened before – 4 days of inspiration for everyone!

9TH,10TH,11TH AND 12TH APRIL 2021

Whether you are fitness professional or fitness lovers you are in the right place.

ProFi Fitness along with the best Personal Trainers organizes the International Fitness, Wellness and Personal Training Conference. You can be sure it will be bold, innovative, unconventional and inventive.
You can expect to see different approach to the topics you already knew, we will show you new things, you have never seen before.

We will try to delight you, surprise you and perhaps even arouse controversy - but we will certainly motivate you to take care of your health and teach you how to pass this knowledge on to others.

You will learn:

  • How to improve strength, speed, balance, mobility and flexibility based on the most recent research;

  • How to bring your body into a great shape effectively and efficiently,

  • How to create great relationship with your client, how to keep them motivated and how to deal with clients with mental issues,

  • How to improve your eating habits and choose the necessary supplements,

  • How to increase your income from the fitness industry,

  • And it’s not the end! Check the full list of conference topics to see what you can benefit from it!


We have carefully selected our presenters based on their knowledge, experience and passion to fitness industry. During one event you’ll meet 20 different Fitness Professionals which allows you to inhale their knowledge and get inspired. Check the full list of our speakers!

You can not miss this opportunity if you are:

  • personal trainer who want to supplement their workshop and learn to sell their workouts;

  • club manager who want to get inspiration to expand the club schedule;

  • fitness lover who would like to become trainer or instructor in the future;

  • fitness enthusiast, especially in: Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Balance who want to absorb new ways of exercising and learn about new forms of classes;

  • householder or occasional club visitor who dreams about a healthy and beautiful body.


Great time and huge amount of knowledge guaranteed!

Get ready to be a part of International Society of Fitness Professionals. Find out about the latest trends from the source.